Why SmartGamesLive?

Now you can play international award-winning SmartGames… online!

Single-Player Games...for the Whole Family!

Smart Games Live offers fun, single-player, IQ-building puzzle games for both kids and adults. Parents can be confident that our games are free of violence and other questionable content. Our games will stimulate your mind by pushing logical thinking skills to the next level...watch your problem-solving skills grow as you complete each challenge!

Countless hours of playing fun!

At SmartGamesLive we value quality over quantity…but you’ll find yourself absorbed in the dozens of brain-teasing challenges that all of our games offer.
All of our games are unique and were developed in-house, based on our award-winning single-player puzzle games. You can find more information about those original brain teaser games at www.smartgames.eu

Choose your play level!

You choose how you want to play! Each game offers four playing levels, Starter, Junior, Expert, and Master. Kids will enjoy the challenges in the Starter levels, while adults might want to quickly challenge themselves with more advanced levels.
Start where you like…and at the bottom of each game you can easily switch between levels or switch to another game.

Play full-screen with no advertising!

Your computer screen is big…use it! Smart Games Live allows you to play in full-screen mode!
And as you get started you’ll find no irritating advertisement banners—just the room you need for a great playing experience.