Academics' Choice Award™ Winner

By SmartGamesLive Team

Yes, we are proud that SmartGamesLive was selected as a winner of the Academics' Choice Award™!

Academics' Choice Awards™ help parents and educators validate claims such as "better thinking” and “educational toy” with a qualified, scientific and objective approach to evaluation. Academics' Choice Awards™ bring recognition to the best thinking-based products in the industry.

Smart Games Live is a website for children and adults to visit and have fun together while at the same time developing important cognitive skills. Most games aim toward logic and visual spatial intelligence. The puzzles use pleasing shapes and colors, characters and animals such as airplanes, snakes, penguins and pirates to set up a problem solving scenario for the child. If you are tired of mind numbing games and apps for both you and your child, visit this website. My son and I had fun reviewing it!

Addictive mind-building fun!

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