Smart Games for Smart Kids...

By SmartGamesLive Team

kdb71 published a nice post at her blog "A Mama's Tried and True Picks" about SmartGames & SmartGamesLive!

She mentions falling in love with SmartGames while working retail in an educational toys store. Being a mom of three, she enjoys playing our SmartGames together with her children.

For Christmas she purchased ColourCode for her youngest, after trying the game online at SmartGamesLive.

The object of the game is to recreate the puzzle image by layering the coloured plastic pieces. It has allowed him to practice colour and shape recognition, and learn how layering these pieces create different images. He does get silly at times, but is always very proud of himself once he has solved the puzzle. He even enjoys creating his own layered images with the pieces.

It was a very simple game to learn, and for a 3.5 year old he picked up on the strategy of it very quickly.

This company has very brilliantly created games that kids of all ages enjoy, and adults too. I look forward to buying the other games for my youngest, and seeing him play them.
Keep up the great work Smart Games!

A big thanks to kdb71 and her cute son! :-) Read kdb71's blog post!

Oh yeah, and if you want to try the game, check out this link.